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Transparent Payment Processing

No contracts or cancellation fees. No exceptions.

Accept all types of payments in-store, online, or on the go.

Traditional Pricing

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Payment processing the way you're familiar with

We guarantee to match or beat your
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Dual Pricing

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for when you're tired of paying the ridiculous fees

Pay a flat-rate monthly fee and reduce your processing fees by over 90%.

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Dual Pricing Fixed Rate


  • No contracts
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Dual Pricing FAQs

Won’t customers complain?2023-02-15T15:21:38-05:00

Research and experiences have shown that dual pricing does not affect consumer behavior, and 99.2% of the time dual pricing is not an issue at the point of sale. We have found that if business owners are willing to implement dual pricing for a minimum of three months, they will never go back to traditional processing.

How does dual pricing work?2023-02-15T15:18:11-05:00

As a business owner, you decide what your cash price should be for each item or SKU on your list of prices. Then, add 4% to your cash price to come up with the credit price. The POS system can do the math for you. Let‘s say a retailer wants to make $20.00 on the sale of a shirt. The cash price is $20.00, and if they accept credit card payments, they will charge $20.00 multiplied by 1.04, or $20.80. The difference between these two prices covers the business owner‘s processing and program fees. When customers check out, the POS keeps track of the total for both cash and credit. After the customer selects their payment method, the POS prints out the itemized receipt with the appropriate prices.

I’ve never seen dual pricing before, is it popular?2023-02-15T15:21:48-05:00

Places that you go to every day are already implementing dual pricing. Gas stations are the biggest example that you may see in your everyday life, and it has become increasingly popular with all types of businesses such as bars, salons, restaurants, auto shops, and many more.

What are the best types of businesses for dual pricing?2023-02-15T15:21:26-05:00

BrickandMortar retailers and restaurants that predominantly engage in facetoface transactions with customers who can pay with cash can benefit from implementing a dual pricing system.

Payment types accepted:

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Apple Pay | Discover Card | Mastercard | American Express | Google Pay | Visa

Also accept gift cards, EBT, Fleet cards, and more. If you don’t see a payment type you are looking for, email and we’ll give you the information you are looking for.


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